Uniport in Empack, Logistics & Automation

Bilbao | March 1 and 2, 2023

On March 1 and 2 we have been present at Empack and Logistics & Automation Bilbao 2023, at a stand shared with the Bilbao Port Authority.

This event has been the first meeting point for packaging and logistics professionals in the north of Spain, organized by Easyfairs at the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC), and in which UniportBilbao and the Port Authority collaborate.

Specifically, UniportBilbao, in addition to having an exhibition space, we have organized one of the technical conferences, as a course, on "Safe transport of goods in containers: how to stow and lash cargo", in which they have been extensively addressed Issues such as the applicable regulations, the operational flow in the transport of containers, the responsibility in stowage and securing, the characteristics of the maritime container or the materials, calculations and techniques for securing the goods, with the common objective of achieving a transport multimodal in a safer container, from a practical approach.


The conference was given by Francisco Fernández Sasiaín, industrial engineer, fault commissioner and ORP technician, director of operations at Progeco and teacher at ISEC (Institute for Cargo Safety) and, from practicality, it has allowed to know the use of a good number of products exhibited during the event.

Among the exhibitors was Embalan3, a company associated with Uniport, at whose stand attended by Ion Alberdi, Iosu Alberdi and their team, we were able to see an innovative transport protection system.

A good meeting point for the Empack, Logistics & Automotive segment.


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