What does Uniport offer to its members?

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Belong to an organization of recognized prestige that projects itself as an integrator of the logistics and port sector of the Basque Country / Bizkaia and Bilbao, both in its immediate area and abroad.
In logistics, processes are fundamental. We analyze processes in different areas of activity and promote their improvement with the administrations and companies involved.  We channel the interests of different groups with two objectives: improvement of services and promotion of logistical services associated with the use of the port of Bilbao.
Participatory solutions: Uniport collects incidents and queries from its associates. Organized in work groups, with the participation of partners, they analyze, diagnose, and propose improvements in administrative, operational processes, infrastructure and services. We coordinate and promote specialized training.
We promote good practices: Code of Ethics.
Commercial: Reinforcement of the commercial work of each company with the support of the association, through market analysis, statistical reports, management tools, and through the organization of commercial missions, coordinated participation in fairs, and other promotional actions.
Talent attraction: Visibility and positive image of the sector.
Advisory service and identification of public programs for companies.
Contact with potential partners/collaborators.