What does Uniport offer to it´s members?

To belong to a recognised prestigious organisation undertaking to integrate the Bilbao maritime-port sector, both within and beyond its immediate environment.
Defence of common interests
To channel the interests of different groups with two aims: to improve the services and promote the logistics services associated with the use of the port of Bilbao.
Participatory solutions. Uniport channels consultations, requests for solutions, proposals etc from the different agents in the sector and from the already existing working groups. The members themselves participate in analysing and diagnosing problems, proposing and reaching consensus on solutions and in improving administrative processes, training, promotion, infrastructures and services.
Through its Board of Directors, Uniport, represents all the groups that are directly involved in the development of Bilbao maritime-port environment.
Association Reinforcement of the commercial each company work carries out by backing up with market analyses, statistics report, management tools as well as organising trade missions, coordinating participation in fairs, publicising news and organising other promotional acts.