The objectives of Uniport – a non-profit making association – have been drawn up to improve the competitiveness of the services offered by the Port of Bilbao through continuous improvement in quality, coordination among all the different agents involved in traffic in the Port, and the determination to take appropriate actions to make improvements where needed.

Article 6 of the Statutes:

The main aim of the Association is the sustained development of the Port of Bilbao, its related industries and socio-economic environment, which it hopes to achieve by:

  • promoting actions that will allow a continuous improvement in the competitiveness in the Port environment and in its related industries.
  • making the Port environment better known and extending its image more widely both within and beyond its immediate hinterland, in addition to reinforcing and supporting the commercial management of the Port and its companies.

Uniport promotes the maritime sector of Bilbao as one company only –THE PORT, thus offering the best concept of multi-modality, since among its members can be found all those involved in DOOR-TO-DOOR sea transport.

A great many of the actions that are carried out are in line with the cluster programme of the Department of Competitiveness and Economic Development of the Autonomous Basque Government.