Land access

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If you visit us by car, please take into account the LOW EMISSION ZONES (ZBE). You can find out the scope and status of the ZBE  here

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Road transit times 
Bilbao-Pamplona3 hours
Bilbao-Zaragoza3 hours
Bilbao-Madrid4 hours
Bilbao-Lérida4 hours
Bilbao-Barcelona6 hours
Bilbao-Bayona (FRANCIA)2 hours
Bilbao-Burdeos (FRANCIA)4 hours
Bilbao-París (FRANCIA)10 hours
Bilbao-Perpiñán (FRANCIA)6 hours
Bilbao-Milán (ITALIA)12  hours

Road access provides the necessary speed for goods in transit. Import and export goods enter or leave the Port via the A-8 motorway which, without passing through any urban centre, links up with the national road and motorway network of Spain, France and Portugal.

  • To the east: The E-70 connects with France via Beriatou..
  • Westbound: The E-70 runs along the coast towards Cantabria and Asturias.
  • Southbound: The E-80 connects with Burgos, Palencia, Madrid and Portugal.
  • Southeast direction: E-804 connects with Pamplona and Zaragoza.

Since 2011, the Southern Metropolitan Bypass, built by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, offers a new high-speed solution for road traffic to and from the Port of Bilbao.

There are also direct rail connections with the entire peninsula and the rest of Europe, as well as direct links with the main distribution centres: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla.