Ethical channel

Uniport wants to generate an environment of transparency and encourage respect for legality and the rules of conduct established in its Code of Ethics by our administrators, partners and professionals.

To this end, Uniport has an internal information system to facilitate queries or complaints of possible irregular conduct or potential acts contrary to the law or the Code of Ethics of our association, whose essential principles are as follows:

Communications may be made anonymously.

Prohibition of reprisals:
UniportBilbao undertakes not to adopt any form of reprisal against any person who has made a report in good faith.

The confidentiality of the identity of the informant and of any third party mentioned in the communication, as well as the protection of personal data constitutes an essential principle in the management of the communications received.

Rights of the persons concerned:
The rights to privacy, honor, defense and presumption of innocence of the persons investigated and affected are guaranteed.

Management of the System:
The Ethics Committee is the body responsible for the management of the Internal Information System in accordance with the established procedure coordinated by the Compliance Officer.

Communications may be sent in writing through the form on this website, by e-mail or by post (to the attention of the Compliance Officer, UniportBilbao, Alda. Urquijo 9-1ºDcha - 48008 Bilbao). No personal data of users is collected through this website without their knowledge, nor is it transferred to third parties.