Trade mission to the United Kingdom

Liverpool, Londres | 23 y 24 noviembre

A great team of professionals from the port of Bilbao has collaborated in this stage of promotion in the United Kingdom which, on a trade mission, visited Liverpool and London last week.

This commercial mission complements the promotional campaign for the port of Bilbao carried out over the last 18 months and aimed at supporting, with logistical solutions, English and Spanish importers and exporters after the implementation of Brexit, and which has been coordinated by Uniport

Training "Webinars", digital trade mission, digital B2B meetings, have been some of the activities scheduled over the last year and a half to which have been added, in this new stage of the month of November, the presentations of the port of Bilbao in Liverpool and London that have included B2B meetings behind them.

For the presentations, and on behalf of the Bilbao logistics-port community, the president of UniportBilbao and representatives of the Bilbao Port Authority, Altius Bilbao, Ashton Cargo Bilbao, CMA-CGM / Containerships, and Suardiaz Logistics Iberica; as well as Peel Ports Group and Basque Trade & Investment (London Office) who have acted as hosts in Liverpool and London respectively.

Why UK?

The United Kingdom is currently the main market for the port of Bilbao in terms of trade. The 3.9 million tons that in 2021 used the port facilities with origin/destination in that country, are equivalent to 20% of Spanish foreign trade and 25% if it is trade by sea.

The new Brexit requirements for trade with the European Union and the growing environmental demands that the EU exerts on transport entail the need to use the most efficient and sustainable modes of transport, and promote multimodal alternatives (road+rail+maritime). ) that represent an opportunity for British companies to be competitive in the Spanish market. For this reason, the Bilbao port community has considered that now was once again the time to address these customers to bring them the news, answer any questions and remind them that Bilbao continues to be a great ally in channeling trade with the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands.

The multimodal offer via Bilbao allows customers (exporters/importers, traders, road transporters and logistics operators) to opt for door-to-door maritime services as a solution for their logistics needs, whether in container, conventional, bulk or roll-on cargo (Ro- river). The importance of commercial relations between Bilbao, the United Kingdom and Ireland contributes, especially, to the nearly 20 weekly maritime services of the companies that have been committed to short-distance traffic for years. Today his work allows him to offer at least one daily departure from the port of Bilbao to the British Isles.

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