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Depósitos Portuarios, S.A. (Deposa)

DEPOSA, founded in 1951, has a great deal of experience in the storage of liquid bulk for the food trade. The company has a firm commitment to the safety of its customers' products, respecting the applicable FAO and WHO directives on quality and safety in the storage and handling of these products. Independent terminal and away from other installations for harmful or dangerous products. Permitted products: animal, vegetable and mineral oils, fats, aromatics, natural and synthetic latex, wine, musts, glycols, etc.

Depósitos Portuarios, S.A. (Deposa)


  • Foodstuffs liquid bulks


  • Custom warehouses and/or tax depots
  • Logistic depots and warehouses
  • Liquid bulks foodstuffs terminals

Customs status

  • 3) DA: custom warehouses
Muelle Reina Victoria s/n bajo - Apdo. de Correos, 16
48980 Santurtzi (Bizkaia) Spain
T: 944611852