We resume the Port Safari Programme (Getting to know the PORT OF BILBAO) with Administration Technicians.

Bilbao | July 13th

This is an experience that started in 2014 in which we introduce the port to professionals from different fields who are interested in learning about the reality and current affairs of the companies that operate daily in the port.

After a brief presentation at Uniport, we travelled to Santurtzi where we had the opportunity to visit with its planning director, Javier López, CSP Iberian Bilbao Terminal (container terminal), and with Jesús Bueno, director, the independent oil terminal Esergui - AVIA, in Zierbena, accompanying the group of technicians from different administrations that, on this occasion, participated: Bilbao City Council (Bilbao Ekintza - Bilbao Internacional), Provincial Council of Bizkaia (Dept. of Infrastructures and Territorial Development, and Transport and Sustainable Mobility), Lanbide, Meatzaldeko Behargintza and SPRI (Basque Business Development Agency).

See you in the next Port Safari!

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