Sharing knowledge with the AEPV in the Villalonquéjar Industrial Estate

Burgos | July 20th

Uniport has met in Burgos with the Business Association of the Villalonquéjar Industrial Estate (AEPV) where they have been able to learn about the new initiative "Polígono Circular", whose main objective is to reduce waste generation and increase its reuse, aimed at achieving a sustainable, low-carbon and efficient economy in resource use.

The Villalonquéjar Industrial Estate, with 8,000,000m2 in the heart of Castilla y León in its 4 phases, has 13,000 workers distributed among 500 companies, especially in the automotive, agri-food, chemical and metal and rubber transformers sectors.

These facilities, apart from being a reference in organisation and services for companies, connect in an intermodal way with the dry port of Villafría, which links with the port of Bilbao by rail.

In addition, its outer ring roads at each cardinal point allow for increased traffic flow, making it an important axis in the connection route between Spain, Portugal and Northern Europe.

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