Hazinnova network of innovation agents meeting

Durango | February 21st

The network of 62 Hazinnova innovation agents, to which Uniport belongs, met today in Durango with the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Government; the Spri Group and the Basque Innovation Agency, Innobasque to analyze the results of the third edition of the Hazinnova program and prepare the next call to be launched in April.

Hazinnova is a program aimed at small and medium-sized Basque companies that helps them take their first step in innovation. In the first three editions of Hazinnova, 872 SMEs have participated, developing 1,091 projects. Efficient management and the opening of markets are the priorities most demanded by companies.

Uniport, as Hazinnova's agent, brings this in-kind aid to the port community (50 hours of consultancy for projects) from which a good number of associated companies have benefited.

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