Energy transition in road transport | Reflection day

December 25th 2021


UniportBilbao has organised a day of reflection to learn about solutions to help the road transport sector overcome the challenge of energy transition, from the current use of fossil fuels to equipment that will use zero-emission fuels. 

The meeting was attended by the heads of companies in the Road Transport Group and related services, heads of Repsol, Petronor Innovación (members of Uniport's Industrial Group), as well as the head of the energy efficiency and sustainability area of the Basque Energy Agency (EVE).

During this working day, the transport companies were able to learn about the solutions being developed by Repsol and Petronor as fuel suppliers for the mobility and goods transport sector. Specifically, they looked in depth at synthetic fuels of non-fossil origin (HVO, e-diesel) and hydrogen.

The debate highlighted the uncertainty faced by both fuel producers and road transport companies. In the first case, due to the volume of investment required for this transition and, in the second case, due to the need to face, in the short and medium term, the renewal of the fleet and the fact that there is still no substitute equipment on the market for the current combustion vehicles.

For all these reasons, the need to ensure that synthetic fuels (zero net emissions) are considered transition fuels towards the zero emissions objective and, as such, that they are taken into account in terms of taxation and future emissions trading.

Finally, the conference provided an opportunity to learn about the projects that Repsol and Petronor are developing, both within the port of Bilbao and in the surrounding area (Energy Intelligence Center - EIC), as well as the facilities that will be made available to the transport sector for the supply of future fuels

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