Companies and services

Progeco Bilbao, S.A.

Since 1985, our company has been offering a professional and specialized service to clients from the entire industrial and commercial spectrum, in any of their needs related to containers, storage and transport.

Progeco Bilbao, S.A.


  • Custom warehouses and/or tax depots
  • Logistics area


  • Custom warehouses and/or tax depots
  • Logistic depots and warehouses
  • Depot, containers sale and repair
  • Road haulage companies and related services
  • Forwarding agents and logistic operators

Customs status

  • 1) ADT: temporary storage facility
  • 2) LAME: / authorized warehouses for export cargo
  • 3) DA: custom warehouses
  • 4) DDA: VAT bounded warehouses
ZAD-3 Barrio el Calero - puerto de Bilbao
48980 Santurtzi (Bizkaia) Spain
T: 944935086