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Frigoríficos Portuarios del Norte, S.L. (Frioport)

(Fresh & Frozen terminal) State of the art TICs and facilities inaugurated in November 2008.

Services: Weighing, Classification, Packing and labelling, Products & orders preparation, Transport contracting, Custom clearance.

Location: Reina Victoria dock.

Warehouses: Fresh produce: 8,000 m3, Frozen products: 15,150 m3, Total area: 4,000 m2, Rail access to the dock.

Remarks: 12 reefer plugs, Customs warehouses, VAT bounded warehouses, Quality registered, TICs: extranet for clients.

Frigoríficos Portuarios del Norte, S.L. (Frioport)


  • Custom warehouses and/or tax depots
  • Perishables, fresh and frozen products


  • Custom warehouses and/or tax depots
  • Logistic depots and warehouses
  • Perishables, fresh and frozen product terminals

Customs status

  • 1) ADT: temporary storage facility
  • 2) LAME: / authorized warehouses for export cargo
  • 3) DA: custom warehouses
  • 4) DDA: VAT bounded warehouses
  • 5) DF: tax depot
Puerto de Bilbao - Muelle Reina Victoria Eugenia, s/n
48980 Santurtzi (Bizkaia) Spain
T: 944836626