What is offered to clients, shippers and the users of the port of bilbao?

Transport assessment office
Knowledge of what the sea transport sector services offer for different types of cargo and destinations. Professionals from the sector.
Export/import information office
A solution for each and every need: direct contact with and knowledge of the maritime-port sector of Bilbao and the different agents involved in maritime services.
Specialised consultancy
Once a problem is known, we try to offer solutions, as can be seen in our studies and reports such as: “The Improvement of Rail Services in the Port of Bilbao”. “Identification of Physical Space for and a Definition of a Model for the Management of the Industrial and Logistics Zone of the Port of Bilbao”, “Road Transport in the Port of Bilbao”, “Adaptation of International Norms and Regulations for Port Fumigation”, “Improvements in Inspection Processes”.
Client attention
This works as a one-stop window for the Bilbao maritime-port sector.