Enpresa eta zerbitzuak


BERGÉ (www.bergelogistics.com) is one of the leading logistics operators in Spain that integrates the entire supply chain to facilitate the global transport of goods. It has a wide portfolio of logistics solutions and a structure specialized in port operations, integral logistics of vehicles, added value logistics and process outsourcing and Shipping. It is part of BERGÉ y COMPAÑÍA, founded in Bilbao in 1870 and today present in the maritime-port sectors, vehicle distribution and logistics in 9 countries with nearly 4500 employees.

In the field of port operations, its services include the operation of loading / unloading of all types of goods, consignment and supply of ships, customs management and processing, intermodal transport services.

In addition, the company is present in 27 ports, has more than one million square meters for storage adapted to each type of merchandise and manages more than 10,000 ships per year.

Services of BERGÉ in Bilbao:

  • Consignment
  • Stowage (Project cargo, steel, bulk, agri-food, fertilizers, containers, RORO and intermodal transport)
  • Customs
  • Warehouses (256,000 m²)
  • ​75,000 m² covered
  • 181,000 m² discovered




  • Karga orokorra eta asmoanitza
  • Sueltoko solidoak
  • Ro-Ro trafikoa
  • Tren
  • Itsas agenteak / Kruzeroak
  • Aduanako gordetegiak eta/edo zerga gordailuak


  • Itsas agenteak eta untzi-kontsignatarioak
  • Aduanako gordetegiak eta/edo zerga gordailuak
  • Gordeleku eta biltegi - logistikoak
  • Transitari - enpresak eta logistika operadoreak
  • Itsas pleitamendua
  • Aduana zerbitzua
  • Karga orokorra eta asmoanitza terminalak
  • Sueltoko solido terminalak
  • Ibilgailuak eta RORO trafiko terminalak


  • 1) ADT: almacén depósito temporal
  • 2) LAME: local autorizado para mercancía de exportación
  • 3) DA: depósito aduanero
  • 4) DDA: depósito distinto del aduanero
Espigón 3, Muelle Vizcaya Norte s/n
48980 Santurtzi (Bizkaia) Spain
T: 944937502
W: www.bergelogistics.com
E: consignacion.bio@bergelogistics.com